Tow your trailer safely with the correct hitch matching the trailer type being towed.

Most SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, minivans, and passenger cars can be equipped to tow a trailer. However, the selection of an appropriate tow vehicle and the proper equipment to tow a trailer depends on the type of trailer, its size and weight, and the amount of weight being towed. There are numerous types of trailers, but in general they fall into four categories: flatbed or open trailers, boat trailers, enclosed trailers, and recreational vehicle trailers (including travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, and folding camping trailers). If you don't know the towing capacity of your vehicle you may find it here.

. We also have an excellent resource all about towing located here.

Towing a trailer with your vehicle requires a type of hitch that matches the trailer your towing. The hitch required will be either a Trailer Hitch Receiver, Fifth Wheel or a Gooseneck. If your are towing a vehicle you will need a Tow-Bar. Towing trailers equipped with brakes, usually trailers of over 2000 pounds, will require a brake controller.
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